'Leopard Pattern Filled' Stud

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Listing is for 20 pieces (10 sets)
Size: Approx 15mm

✨ Sizing: ✨
We most commonly see sizes 15mm - 20mm used for stud earrings.
30mm is commonly used for large studs or dangle earrings.
40mm is most commonly used for large statement hanging earrings or key rings.

We recommend 6mm stud posts for most of out stud range. 8mm is suitable for some of the larger studs, but we recommend a 4mm or 5mm for the mirror range.

✨ Customisation: ✨
Use the options to select if you would like the pieces to come with a hanging hole. This is ideal for if you would like to make hanging pieces. Our Holes are 2mm diameter, approximately 2mm from material edge. For some acrylic blanks, it may not be possible/preferred and the option may not be available.

✨ FYI: ✨
Each cut comes with a protective coating of either plastic or paper on both or only back side (mirror material only) that will need to be removed before application.

You can use the pieces for personal use and/or you may use the pieces for commercial use (e.g. selling finished pieces)